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The Sejm held the second reading of tax bills Tuesday and sent them to its public finances committee which will work on draft amendments tabled

The Sejm held the second reading of tax bills Tuesday and sent them to its public finances committee which will work on draft amendments tabled by MPs.

Sejm Speaker Maciej Plazynski told PAP after the session that the third and final reading of the bills as well as the voting would likely be held Thursday.

According to the leader of the Freedom Union (UW) parliamentary caucus Jerzy Wierchowicz the public finances committee should start work on draft amendments still Tuesday night.

A delegation of the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) headed by its speaker Brigitta Dahl on Tuesday called on the Sejm and Senate to discuss parliamentary contacts, Sweden’s experience in the campaign promoting European integration, and protection of the Baltic Sea.

The delegation is concluding a two-day visit in Poland on Tuesday.

Sejm Speaker Maciej Plazynski said he and Dahl discussed Swedish parliament’s and government’s support for the building of local government in Poland. “Many Swedish programmes have helped create legislation for local government activities”, he stressed.

Two Polish female scientists kidnapped in Dagestan this summer have not been freed yet but their release is expected in a few days, the Georgian intelligence service said Tuesday.

The statement came in response to an earlier report by Russia’s Interfax agency that the two women had been released.

In a telephone conversation with PAP Archil Chabashvili, head of the Georgian intelligence press centre, said the Interfax report had been the result of a “misinterpretation”. He said the Polish women were “still in Chechnya but no longer as hostages” and that after their release they would probably arrive in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

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A history professor charged with denying Nazi crimes in Auschwitz in his book told a court in Opole that he is innocent. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison.

Dariusz Ratajczak, history teacher at the University of Opole, said on Tuesday that his book, entitled Dangerous Themes, is a summary of opinions by historians who deny the Holocaust and that gas chambers at Nazi death camps were used to kill Jews.

Ratajczak was suspended from his position after the book was published at his own expense and sold in university bookstores in March 1999.

A precious 15th-century altar from the collections of Warsaw’s National Museum will be put on show at an exhibition of medieval art in Hamburg starting Thursday. The event, titled “Goldgrund und Himmelslicht. Die Kunst des Mittelartes in Hamburg” is being organised to mark the city’s millennium.

This will be the first public showing of the altar after two years of conservation work carried out by German and Polish specialists.

The altar will return to Warsaw next March and will be on show together with the documentation of the conservation work. The event will be accompanied by a Polish-German scientific conference to be attended by art historians and conservators of the two countries.

Compiled from the Polish Press Agency news service

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