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ING Joins SUISSE BANK PLC’S Trade Finance Network

ING Joins SUISSE BANK PLC’S Trade Finance Network

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LONDON, September 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

UK based SUISSE BANK PLC closes bank guarantee debut with ING

TRADE FINANCE specialist SUISSE BANK PLC has entered into a landmark €5million trade finance agreement with global financial institution ING.

World leader ING joined the SUISSE BANK PLC trade finance network with the acceptance of a multi-million euro bank guarantee instrument.

A spokesperson for SUISSE BANK PLC said: „We are very pleased ING accepted our bank guarantee instrument and made the decision to join our trade finance network.”

„This is a clear demonstration that SUISSE BANK PLC is focused on providing value for our customers and evidence of our interest in properly understanding the needs of the global trade finance market,” the spokesperson said.

SUISSE BANK PLC supplies comprehensive trade finance instruments from its secure online platform allowing speedy adoption of guarantees (BG), standby letters of credit (SBLC), documentary letters of credit (LC), proofs of funds (POF) and warranties (avals).

Through its website
, the bank is focused on facilitating quick data transformation while guaranteeing security, legal certainty, and document originality.

„The considerable amount of financial institutions already linked to SUISSE BANK PLC proves that companies are demanding our technological skills in relation to speed of deployment of our various trade finance instruments,” the SUISSE BANK PLC spokesperson said.

SUISSE BANK PLC’s sister company FARGO BANK LIMITED provides further products and services – not only in the private banking sector such as cash management, capital markets and account management, debit cards and E-Banking – but also in the corporate banking sector such as international payments, leasing and trust services.

ABOUT SUISSE BANK PLC: SUISSE BANK PLC is a company incorporated in England with a registered office in London. Its primary competencies are in the fields of trade financing including guarantees, standby-and/or letters of credit and warranties. A lean and efficient organisation with high mobility and absolute confidentiality, SUISSE BANK PLC offers its services only to its shareholders and not to the general public.

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