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AwoX Presents its Musical Innovations and Technological Solutions at IBC 2013!

AwoX Presents its Musical Innovations and Technological Solutions at IBC 2013!PR NewswireAMSTERDAM, September 13, 2013AMSTERDAM, September 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --AwoX, world leader in DLNA software, is presenting its latest technological

AwoX Presents its Musical Innovations and Technological Solutions at IBC 2013!

PR Newswire

AMSTERDAM, September 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

AwoX, world leader in DLNA software, is presenting its latest technological breakthroughs to telecommunications operators, content providers, electronic device manufacturers and mobile phone specialists at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam. The French company will also be presenting its product innovations, expanding its product line from the launch of the AwoX 

LIGHT BT™, an innovative musical light bulb, in spring 2013.

Since its creation, AwoX has built a solid reputation for developing technologies and accessories, enabling interconnection of devices such as televisions and home audio to the internet. Using the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standard as a base, the French company today sells licences for its technologies to leading manufacturers of electronic devices. AwoX has sold over 70 million licences and is on target to reach a total of 100 million by the end of the year.

At IBC 2013 AwoX is presenting the following technology solutions:

  • AwoX PLAY


    , enabling you to use your television to play all multimedia content from DLNA devices in the home.
  • AwoX PUSH


    , pushing your content from your smartphone/tablet to your television or other audio/video devices.
  • AwoX SEND


    , controlling all multimedia files stored on devices in the home (PC, NAS…) by using your smartphone or tablet to play content on your television.
  • AwoX UP


    , synchronising all multimedia content from a neteworked device to a connected hard disk drive or Cloud service.
  • AwoX MULTI


    , distributing multimedia content from a TV decoder to other devices in the home (TV, telephone, tablets…) using DTCP IP protection.
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Building on its DLNA expertise and its world leading market position, AwoX has launched its own brand of connected multimedia products this year: AwoX 


Three new products have been launched, enabling users to make the most of all their home network thanks to connected solutions that facilitate everyday access to and use of digital multimedia content.  

The company has notably created a market sensation with the launch of AwoX 

LIGHT™, the first LED light bulb in the world with an in-built 10 Watt speaker. This revolutionary device enables users to play music from their Smartphones, tablets and computers via a Bluetooth connection.

Further to the immediate market success of this device, AwoX will be presenting two new musical light bulbs at IBC 2013: the AwoX 

LIGHT mini™ and AwoX 

LIGHT Wi-Fi™. The latter has a much greater range than the Bluetooth version and also supports a dimming function, enabling finer control of lighting and mood. Moreover, due to the device’s audio synchronisation capability, users will be able to add as many bulbs as they wish, creating a congenial multi-room solution with powerful sound!

Another cutting edge innovation presented at the trade fair is AwoX 


, a high fidelity active loudspeaker labelled “acoustic Engineering by Cabasse”, a world leader in acoustic design.  This device delivers internet radio and also supports playback of digital audio files from tablets, smartphones and computers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, utilizing DLNA and synchronization. This device, in combination with other AwoX Striim WiFi devices, can be used to create multi-room and multi-zone audio eco-systems.  

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To download pictures:

For more information and a demonstration:

we will be delighted to welcome you at the AwoX stand

IBC 2013, RAI, Amsterdam from 13

 to 17

September 2013


About AwoX:

Founded in 2003, AwoX designs and develops connected applications and technologies for TVs, tablets, Smartphones and computers, enabling users to share, play and control multimedia content between these different devices.

Deployed on more than 70 million appliances, its software is used by leading consumer electronics companies  for interconnecting audio/video devices.

On the strength of this know-how, in 2013 AwoX began marketing its own range of interconnected multimedia accessories for end users under the AwoX Striim brand. Distributed in 17 languages, these innovative products allow end users to enjoy their music and films at any time on the device of their choice within their home.

AwoX is a board member of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), the audio/video interconnection standards body, and holds numerous major international patents for its connected technologies and multimedia products. AwoX’s design and R&D activities are carried out at its corporate headquarters in Montpellier (France), while production management is carried out by its industrial subsidiary based in Singapore. AwoX has commercial operations in Shenzhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan) and Palo Alto (USA).

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